Alex &  Claudia

12.28.13 in Houston, TX

The Story Of Us


Claudia Giertz

Claudia is 23 and graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Public Relations. She has a passion for writing, and currently works as a publicist for local independent broker-dealer, NEXT Financial Group Inc. Claudia loves books (specifically Harry Potter), Star Wars, the Food Network and all things geeky.


Alex Hanania

Alex is 23 and a graduate of Baylor University. He is currently studying medicine at the University of Texas in the Texas Medical Center. While he is quite the dedicated student, Alex makes time for fun, too. He enjoys getting into a good book, watching the Baylor football team demolish the competition and spending time with Claudia and friends.

Although Claudia and Alex knew each other long before their college years, they did not become friends until after Alex’s first year at Baylor University, the summer after Claudia graduated from high school. Per Alex’s request, his best friend, Shaadi, invited Claudia to Alex’s 19th birthday party where they rekindled their friendship…and the rest is history. The night before each of them went their separate ways, Alex to Baylor and Claudia to Texas State, they went on their first date. However, they said goodbye that night, neither of them sure what the future held. Claudia ‘accidentally’ called Alex about two weeks later, and they have not stopped talking since.


Alex decided he would ask Claudia to marry him on Christmas Day. He told her he was taking her out for dinner so they could spend the day with their families. He took her to Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston where they exchanged Christmas gifts at a bridge looking over the city skyline. Alex presented Claudia with a large box; when she opened it, there was another box inside with a note attached, which he took out and read to her. She opened up the next box to find another one and another note inside. Six boxes later, she found the ring box and was speechless. After getting down on one knee and popping the big question, she obliged and he took her out for their special engagement/ Christmas dinner.

Wedding Party



  • Shaadi Abughazaleh
  • Sammy Raad
  • Farris Dabis
  • Shukri Abughazaleh
  • Shibly Abughazaleh
  • Tareq Hanania
  • Dustin Williams
  • David Hopkins


  • Shelby Giertz
  • Reneen Dabis
  • Hannah Hanania
  • Taylor Wood
  • Sarah Pipkin
  • Krista Essen
  • Dede Raad
  • Jessica Dodson


  • Chapelwood
  • Omni Hotel
  • Ceremony
    Chapelwood Church
    11140 Greenbay St
    Houston, TX 77024
    December 28th, 2013 @ 5pm
  • Reception
    Omni Hotel Four Riverway, Houston, TX 77056
    December 28th, 2013 @ 7pm

    Formal Dinner
    Bring your dancing shoes!




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